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Merchandising Systems

Our “Merchandising System” is a unique LICO system concept that achieves maximizing lumber product output values while minimizing direct labor costs. Each system is tailored to individual customer needs. The heart of the system is the scanning and control software as well as the LICO high speed rip saw.

A typical system could include lumber breakdown system, grading zone, lug loader, grade mark reader, moisture detection, trimmer or bow busting (or both), ink marking or printing, select rip saw with 5 moving blades, automatic rip edging removal, top and bottom planer, output product sorting and stacking, and integrated waste reduction system with a low RPM grinder.

From rough lumber, output products randomly (board by board) can include rough lumber, rough lumber trimmed 1 or 2 ends, planed lumber trimmed 1 or 2 ends, ripped 1 edge random width lumber, ripped 2 edges random width lumber, ripped 2 edges pre-set fixed widths (up to 4 pieces output), ripped pieces can be trimmed or un-trimmed, ripped pieces can be planed or un-planed.

Product output is typically optimized by the system control for maximum overall dollar value where each individual output product is allowed certain specific characteristics (i.e grade, color, dimension, etc..) and is assigned dollar value per board foot (selling price).

The system scans each incoming board and creates the highest value output from each board.

Highlights of various options available:

  • Grade mark reading

  • Moisture detection

  • Text printing or color marking

  • Range of scanning solutions, from single point width measurement to complete 3D scanning

  • Automatic board flipping

  • Trimming and/or bow busting

  • Lico's moving blade ripsaws

  • Automatic edging removal or width separation

  • Surfacing

  • Sorting

  • Stacking

Typical Standard Features

Lico moving blade ripsaw  |  Automatic edging removal  |  Walk on grading or end grading

Système de gradage

Système de gradage

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