Board edger systems / High speed systems

Our unique approach permits you to achieve up to 60 boards per minute* without having to over speed the board edger. The patented servo positioning modules will position boards swiftly, smoothly and accurately, one after the other, within as low as 0.6 second of gap.

Another key element to the high speed systems is the commonly underestimated challenge of bringing boards consistently boards to the edger. To overcome this challenge, we have developed our lugless staging transfer system.

Highlights of the different characteristics and options available.

  • Reverse angle camel back unscramble with integrated even end line,
  • Lugless staging transfers,
  • Comact optimization and controls,
  • Servo controlled positioning belts,
  • Full control of the boards from waiting position to sawing position.
  • Servo positioned press rolls,
  • ADM monocoque design integrates infeed and saw box for maximum accuracy and simplicity.
  • Reduced Fewer moving parts,
  • Reduced maintenance

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